MAMBA MENTALitY L@B$ C🧭.: F💛UNDRY by 〽️J {Day 3,696*}

12f April 2o13, the day Kobe's grit through his pain won the game & revived me from mine - ⚡️ 🔒. I aspired to work w/ our iconic inspiration while we bootstrapped proprietary 🔥🦾💛 - then 2o2o. In 2o22, an iconic DEI educator ❤️ 1 of our portfolio firms & in 2o23, we 🥳 our 🔟th year. We never worked w/ our inspiration; nevertheless, the impact of the impetus drives us to greatness daily. Our foundry studio is joining forces w/ said purpose-driven portfolio firm - sow love, reap love. 〽️

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